Unbreakable Mindset: 7 Days to Change Your Brain and Radically Transform Your Income and Life

Edward Gorbis
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This program is designed to help you break through the personal development ceiling by rewiring your brain and achieving the results you actually desire in your career, business, and life.

Your frustration, stress, confusion, overwhelm, tension, dissatisfaction, and lack of results in your career, business, or life all have one thing in common - your mindset

How did I do it?

Through extensive education and experience at hyper-growth startups over the last 10 years, I immersed myself into learning about psychology, neuroscience, personal development, and spirituality that has resulted in the development of a powerful and practical system for empowering high achievers to break through to their next level of greatness in their career or business while having more time and freedom.

I'm a big believer that everyone deserves a life worth living, one full of joy and financial and career success, so let me ask you:

Do you feel like you aren't as far along as you should be?

There is a reason you are struggling.

There’s a reason you are not experiencing rapid growth in your career, business or life.

There is a reason you are not breaking through your plateaus of income without the overwhelm.

It’s not because you’re not trying.

It’s not because you don't have the resources or enough time.

Or because you haven't figured out how to grow in your career or how to profitably market your business.

It’s because what you believe is blocking you from creating what you want.

So how do you change that?

By rewiring and reformatting your mindset.

I’m not the first person to say this, but I am the first person to show you exactly how to do it - with the Unbreakable Mindset Program.

So is this program for me?

If you hunger for a life of success and fulfillment, want to learn how to accelerate your career or business while making an incredible income, or want to take your life to the next level and make massive progress faster than ever before...

This program WILL help you.

Even if you aren’t clear on what that next level looks like, here are some signs that the Unbreakable Mindset Program will help you:

Do you...

✅  Feel like you're not as far along in life, your career, or your business as you should be by now? That time is running out and you’ll never accomplish all you wanted to?

​✅  Secretly think you’re a fraud, silently suffering from “imposter syndrome”?

​✅  Never feel satisfied no matter what you achieve? Do you feel that “real success” is forever around the next corner?

​✅  Feel under-valued, under-appreciated, or taken advantage of?

​✅  Tell yourself the money, success, or experiences you desire are for “other people” but not for you?

If yes, don’t feel ashamed. Instead, get excited, inspired, grateful because every single one of these is a product of your mindset.

It's OK! I felt the exact same way.

For years, I felt trapped in my job, where I was in life, and more so, my inability to live life on my terms. I spent years doing the research, 

As someone who immigrated from Ukraine to the United States at the age of 4, I had a tough time assimilating in K-12 and my early adult life. Between my immigrant upbringing at home and needing to integrate into American culture, I often felt conflicted, misunderstood, and confused about the ideal way to operate and show up in society.

I immersed myself in psychology, neuroscience, personal development, and spirituality resulted in the development of a pragmatic system to live a resourceful and limitless life. 

Through this work, I not only accelerated the pace of my personal growth, but I also found my life partner, bought our dream home, quadrupled my income, and eventually started my own thriving coaching business.

I changed my brain by changing my belief systems.

And your mind - and brain - can be changed.

This knowledge is the greatest asset I acquired through learning, and this is your chance to finally get to the root of what blocks you from your full potential in every aspect of your life. 

If you're ready to transform your life, then let's get started:


Module 1: The Core Conflict

- Uncovering the bedrock foundation uniting psychology, neuroscience, and personal growth into a single, clear conversation​

- I'll walk through the main thing that prevents people from getting started and how to conquer that

Module 2: Power of Decision

- The neuroscience of beliefs: what they really are, how they work in the brain, and how to change them

- ​​I'll explain the psychology of how your beliefs fuel the '5 Primary Drivers' and determine every result in your business and life

Module 3: Power of Gratitude and Energy

- Learn how to end procrastination, drifting, and overwhelm and generate consistent forward progress toward your goals without forcing, hustling, or grinding

Module 4: Achieving Complete Clarity

- I'll explain how the decision matrix strengthens new neurosynaptic connections to accelerate brain change and heighten creativity

​- ​​​​How priming the mind opens access to new ideas, reveals opportunities hiding in plain sight, and adds surprising new developments to your future plans

Module 5: Power of Questions

- How clarity will help you unlock the power of the right questions

​- Eliminate the toxic habit of asking “Why isn’t this working?” or “What am I doing wrong?”  and what to ask instead

Module 6: Overcoming Fear

- I'll show you the 4 ways to manage fear and eliminate the barrier 

​- Eliminate the doubt, resistance, and analysis paralysis keeping you frozen in perpetual “planning mode”

Module 7: Mindset Ritual & 30 Day Transformation Challenge

- Creating a personalized daily mindset ritual that helps you create permanent brain change

​- ​​​Make a 30-day commitment to yourself to create the life you've always wanted

BONUS 1: Time Mastery

- The science behind how your fears of “not enough time” perpetuate themselves into your life and how to fix it.

- How to short circuit overwhelm, stress, and anxiety while creating an additional 10 hours of time PER WEEK.

BONUS 2: Money Mastery

- How MONEY is actually the single greatest obstacle blocking you from your next level of financial success and what to do to change it.

- How the wealthiest 1% of professionals and entrepreneurs see these three “money levers” differently than the 99%.


Who is this course for?

This program is only for the people willing to apply themselves to get the results they so deeply desire and deserve.

Why is mindset so important?

I learned something very important over my 10-year corporate career - when you only chase externals and are focused on doing, you remain blind to one very important fact:

You cannot access your real power when it is bound and masked by your inner conflicts.

Your mind has all of the inner resources, which will empower you to make career and business decisions –– the decisions that determine your success.

Why the heck should I listen to you? Who are you?

I am the CEO of Career Meets World, an online coaching platform, and a startup advisor, helping startups develop their growth strategies. I am a former civil engineer turned Senior Sales Director at WeWork and led various teams to generate more than $50MM in revenue over the last 10 years.

You absolutely do not have to listen to me, but your mindset is your ticket to success.

What will I learn in this course?

You'll learn a proven system to change your brain and radically transform your income, career, business, and life. 

It's the same process I've followed to accelerate my career growth, increase my income each year by 10-20%, and build my online coaching practice.

Ok. Got it. This must be expensive right?

No. It's $99.

Wait, what? Most courses are like $1,200 or $797, or $479. What's the deal?

My mantra since I started building products was to make the information affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. I care about your success and watching you actually go out and build something.

What's missing in this course that those other courses charge so much for?

There is no high production value here. I don't have a cameraperson, I don't use a set, and it isn't shot on some big budget. I'm not sitting on a private plane or in some rented mansion to make myself look cool.

It's me in my home office in San Francisco, giving you the simple and powerful information you need to develop an unbreakable mindset.

How long will it take to see results?

Mindset change is a daily commitment. To see results, it depends on how fast you get started and how much of a bias towards the action you have. Within 30 days, you'll start to see yourself taking more intentional and impactful action.

Ok. What do I do next if I want to preorder and save $50?

Click the "buy this" button and started today.

What's the refund policy?

If what you see is not what you expected, just reply to the download email within 30 days, and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

If within the first 30 days after your purchase you go through the first two Unbreakable Mindset Modules from the start of the online program, do the work, and still find you did not get your full value from the program, send us an email.

Once we receive your completed workbook, I’ll give you back every last dollar, no questions asked, and my full blessing on your path to finding a more effective method of personal transformation.

Praise From Others

“Edward's framework for getting into the right mindset is simple yet game-changing and makes it easy for anyone to optimize their life.”

- Robin Daniels, CMO @ Matterport

“I've known for a while that it's my mindset that's holding me back. I've done a lot of other personal development work. But nothing seemed as doable as this program.”

- Tina Mao, Sales Programs @ Tableau Software

“Edward's course forced me to think about my ideal life, and then equipped me with the mindset to achieve it.”

- Sanjay Padhiar, Business Strategy @ Bell


“The most effective online program I have ever experienced! One of those rare online programs that became self-help instead of shelf help.”

- Will Bruce, Strategic Customer Success Manager @ Talkdesk


“I have done self-growth work for years but only Edward's methodology has stuck with me because it’s so simple to implement and it’s so practical. I just go back and do my exercise, sometimes it takes maybe 5 minutes and I’m in a completely different mindset and that’s why it’s so powerful."

- Vik Scoggins, Product Manager @ Coinbase

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  • You'll get a 7 module mindset video course, the Unbreakable Mindset Workbook, and 2 Bonuses on Time and Money Mastery.

  • Duration
    6 hours
  • 7 Day Program Contents
  • Unbreakable Mindset Program Workbook
    35 page PDF
  • Bonus 1 - Time Mastery
    22 min
  • Bonus 2 - Money Mastery
    26 min
  • Private Telegram Group for Life
    PDF guide
  • You'll get a 7 module mindset video course, the Unbreakable Mindset Workbook, and 2 Bonuses on Time and Money Mastery.
  • Duration6 hours
  • 7 Day Program ContentsChecklist
  • Unbreakable Mindset Program Workbook35 page PDF
  • Bonus 1 - Time Mastery22 min
  • Bonus 2 - Money Mastery26 min
  • Private Telegram Group for LifePDF guide


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